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Serving the Valley with over 30 Years Experience in Elder Law, Nursing Home, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, LIFE Planning
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Chartered Financial Consultant for Asset Protection Services
Serving most states in the US - Email for Free Case Evaluation.

Legal Services
Satellite Offices in Richmond, Manassas, Winchester, Luray, Waynesboro,
Weyers Cave, Virginia Beach by Appointment

Serving Virginia and Massachusetts
Stephen J. Kaufmann, Elder Law Attorney
Elder Law Attorney 
Over 30 years Elder Law Attorney and Chartered Financial Advisor
24/7  Toll Free: 1 800 750 9110
9 - 5 PM EST  540 743 6077

Proceeds of all Books and Videos supports
Taking Care of

USA LURAY Primitive History Park - LIFE Planners and Critter Park

Charitable Giving Knowledge
Bonus Long Term Care

Basic Estate Planning

LIFE Planning - Legal, Insurance, Financial Elderlaw,
Estate Planning - Knowledge is Power

Financial Gathering Software

Safe Money Advising
Virginia, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland

For professional CEPP Designation Courses
 Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner

ABC LAW and LIFE PLanners Inc Supports The Taking Care of People
Learning Park 2 hr. SW of Wash DC visit for the day or reserve lodging at the Old Ice House or Wellness House

For information on starting a new career as a Community - LIFE Planners Course

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Learn about our history, where we come from, where we are now and how to
get back to basics of taking care of people
in a complex world today - Enjoy the course with all the cultural, generational, spiritual and social changes of our country
The legal, insurance, financial and estate planning industry history
or if you are career minded, get certified as a

Legal, Insurance, Financial, Elder Law  Community Advocate in Your Community

Visit Our Taking Care of People
Learning Park @ LIFE

Lodging and training is available also at our Taking Care of People Farm.
We have visitors from all over the US. We also build construction teams
from people from all parts of the US to help Taking Care of People
Construction Needs Throughout the US.

Elder Law, Long Term Care, Retirement Planning, Wills,
Trusts, Insurance, Annuities, Medicaid, Nursing Homes, Conservator ship,
Guardianship, Trusts, Virginia, Workshops, Audio's, Videos, Workbooks,
 Tax Planning, Free Reports, Newsletters, Elder Care Legal Services,

Copyright 1994 - 2007,   All Rights Reserved, Stephen J. Kaufmann

A Better Choice Elder Law, Retirement and Estate Planning Center and Life Planners Inc.

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