Stephen Kaufmann, over 25 years experience practicing Elder Law, Tax and
Estate Planning - Asset Protection Attorney and Chartered Financial Consultant
By Appointment with Satellite Offices throughout Virginia and Massachusetts
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Former Deputy Commissioner of Insurance,  Virginia State Corporation Commission

Family and Small Business Tax, Estate, Retirement, Financial and Asset Protection Planning

Wills, Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Special Needs Trusts, Asset - Estate and Trust Protection Legal - Financial Protection Planning


Stephen J. Kaufmann, JD, MBA. CLU, ChFC, CPCU, FLMI, CEPP, Elder law Attorney,  Chartered Financial Consultant and Asset Preservation Advisor has over 30 years experience in helping Seniors, Families , Farm and Business owners grow and protect their assets.

Mr. Kaufmann combines Legal, Insurance, Financial and Estate (LIFE) Planning for proper and complete financial and asset preservation protect and grow your income and quality of life. 

His practice is better known as ABC LAW. He's most appreciated for being easy to understand - humorous warm and caring as an Elder Law Attorney and Speaker for many local and national conferences.  

He is the former Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Virginia State Corporation Commission and continues to offer support to other attorneys and financial consultants as an educator and speaker on matters of Legal, Insurance Financial and Estate Planning matters nationally. 

Steve has been a nationally noted elder law and estate planning attorney and author of many estate planning books, video and audio presentations and educational courses in the Legal-Financial Estate Planning and Insurance industry.  

He has been noted in Newsweek noted nationally in Newsweek for his dedication to helping people protect their assets, privacy and quality of life and appears often in national and Internet publications such as Brokers World, Financial Planning, Life Insurance Selling.  

He presents programs on radio, television, and national educational forums. Steve has spoken before U. S. Congressional and state legislative committees and was responsible for writing the laws on Long Term Care and other insurance products as the former Virginia Deputy Insurance Commissioner.

He is the President and Founder of The Estate Planning Institute and the professional designation Study program, CEPP, Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner.  He is a member of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, past president of the Central Virginia Chapter of Chartered Life Underwriters.

Stephen J. Kaufmann, as a practicing Elder Law for over 30 years in Private and Public Service is also the Dean of Studies with Estate Planning Institute, President LIFE planners Inc. and President of National Association of LIFE

He is an expert in providing LIFE - Legal, Insurance, Financial, Elder Law Estate Planning Solutions with Satellite offices in Virginia and Massachusetts.

He is most proud to be the co-founder of The a Better Choice Foundation, a charitable organization that provides educational programs to the public and gifts to programs that inspire, educate and help people protect their quality of life around the world. 

 Steve lives in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley with is wife Bonnie Kaufmann On Their Learning Park –

"It's Not How Much You Know, But More About How Much You Care"

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Steve and his wife Bonnie Kaufmann, Bonnie Kaufmann, Co-Author CEPP Designation Chartered Estate Planning Practitionera Financial - Asset Protection continuing education instructor and insurance -lifestyle and business consultant have five sons ranging in ages of 21 to 35. They live in Luray, VA. Together they present the radio program "Law and Your Money (C)" that is aired @ and other radio stations.

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Estate Planning Legal Services are provided in Virginia and Massachusetts through the law firm: 

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