Why You Need Legal and Financial 
Professionals Working Together
 IRS, Elder Law, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, are just some of the complex laws that are constantly changing. Some of these laws actually often conflict with each other in strategic asset protection planning. This is not a field for advisors not up to date on these laws and regulation.  Estate Planning requires  practitioners very knowledgeable and current in these critically important areas. The financial and insurance industries are continuously developing new estate planning products everyday to replace outdated solutions with better insurance products and coverage's. Today's fast changing world requires expertise and experience for small and large estates. The goal is for survival asset protection, to preserve your life style, financial liberty, and to pass 100% of your assets to your heirs. Estate Planning is no longer exclusively for the rich and famous. It is an area of law, insurance and financial planning that is becoming more and more complex.  Today Asset Protection planning is financial survival planning for small and large estates to protect their financial liberty and freedom into the 21st century. 
Chartered Estate Planning Practitioners of 
The Estate Planning Institute 

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