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Meet Stephen J. Kaufmann, Attorney at Law
Former Virginia Deputy Commissioner of Insurance
providing legal services that bring over 25 years Estate Planning experience including
Financial, Retirement, Long Term Care, Elder Law


Nationally noted for his Estate Planning education programs for professionals and the public. Over 25 years of experience in elder law and estate planning. As former Virginia Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Steve was responsible for writing the laws in Virginia for Long term Care. 

Noted in Newsweek, April, 1998 issue, Steve Kaufmann is dedicated to helping families protect their assets and quality of life. 

Steve is known for his unique expertise and humorous way of making complex matters easier to understand. Families appreciate his comforting style of helping them understand, implement and reach their retirement and estate planning goals in life. 

He has spoken before US Congressional and State Legislative Committees. Appeared or been noted in Newsweek, Financial Planning, Broker World, Life Association News Virginia Agent Sales Journal and other publications. He has also appeared on radio, television.

Government and private practice since 1974.
He is the founder of The Estate Planning Institute which offers the 'CEPP' Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner, professional self study designation program. 

ABC LAW offers a broad range of estate planning Legal services in; Elder Law, Trusts, Probate, Asset Protection, Long Term Care, Retirement and Estate Planning and Estate Settlement Services.

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A Better Choice Elder Law, 
Retirement and Estate Planning Center

Serving the State of VA
Satellite offices in various cities throughout VA

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Legal services are provided through the law Firm of Stephen J. Kaufmann, 
A Better Choice Elder Law, 
Retirement and Estate Planning Center 
Services provided  in Virginia include:


Client Counsel/Representation with Government Agencies, IRS, Courts, Probate and Estate Settlement 

Special Needs Disabled Persons Trusts 

Probate Saving Asset Protection Trusts for Large and Small Estates 

Tax Saving and Retirement Income Building Trusts 

Financial/Insurance Asset Protection Trusts 

Special Legal-Financial Strategies for Seniors, Multigeneration Family Trusts, 

Businesses and Farm Owners 

Health Care Documents Including Special Needs Documents 

Asset Reallocation for Retirement, Financial, & Long term Care Protection 

Legal-Tax Strategies to Increase Retirement Income, Charitable trusts 

Protecting Insurance/Investments from Income and Estate Taxes 

Conservative Secure Strategies to Pass 100% of Assets to the Next Generation 

How to Prevent Being Wiped Out by Nursing Home Costs, Federal Estate Taxes, Probate Costs, Lawyer Fees and Investments Not Designed to Pass to the Next Generation


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Stephen J. Kaufmann
A Better Choice Elder Law, 
Retirement and Estate Planning Center
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